About me

I love to learn, collaborate and create

Over the last ten years, I have built systems from its infancy as well as salvaged the code of others to create something worthwhile. Systems architecture is where my strengths lay, and I have utilised these skills countless times to ensure my team, and I are heading in the right direction.

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My story

My love for coding began while at University. In my Bachelor of Science, I worked on a piece of software called Max-MSP to build musical instruments and compose music with Javascript. I soon realised that my passion lay in the building aspect, my mind thriving on finding the solutions with every obstacle I encountered.

While working at Apps People, I manage a team of 28 individuals; from design, web to native mobile app developers. I worked side by side with my employees creating apps and web applications for starts and business, having scaled more than 20 projects while here I learnt the do's and dont's of project architecture, scaling and team development.

My current tech stack that I use is Full-stack Javascript (Node.js, Express.js, Mongo.DB and React), as well as utilising Swift for native iOS development.

Please don't be hesitate to contact me

If you need help with a project, work or anything development related I am always here to help, or you can reach me on the social links below.

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